A Volkswagen CC Wagon on the way?

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Only on slow automotive news Mondays would a rumor like this matter. It might also be the fact that it’s summer and the automotive industry has slowed a bit. Either way, Autocar has generated some interesting news. The UK based magazine is reporting that Volkswagen is debating on producing a wagon version of the CC four-door coupe.

According to Autocar, an unnamed source within the German company leaked plans for a CC wagon and the board will vote on it later this month. Why build another wagon? Well, Autocar believes that the Passat is on its way out in the United States and the next generation won’t be available in a wagon trim. So, VW is supposedly looking for something to fill the void.

Of course, we are skeptical, but one never knows. With no real competition in the segment, VW might have a winner.

Source: Autocar


I really don’t like to have a wagon car since we all know on how ugly is it! Plus, the engine performance is not that impressive! I’d better consider other model compare to this.

Sonata looks way way better than this.

It seems that Volkswagen CC Wagon is ready for production. Well, am not expecting that far, if they can achieve their success because unfortunately, the concept is not that attractive.

Passat is on its way out in the U.S. and the car’s successor won’t be available in wagon trim, the company will need something to fill the void.

Lovely car but IMO it looks better and aggressive on sedan version than the wagon type. Wagons are for moms and can be used as a Market Cars.

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