Abandoned Jaguar XJ-220 found in Qatar desert

There’s something utterly depressing about finding an abandoned car out on the streets collecting dirt and dust with no hope of a carwash in its foreseeable future.

But what makes this more depressing is that the car you’re looking at is one of the rarest one you’ll find on the planet: the Jaguar XJ-220 .

Born out of a dream that came to then Jaguar chief designer, Jim Randle, the XJ-220 became one of Jaguar’s most unexpectedly successful models in its proud and rich history. Such high esteem held for the XJ-220 should be enough for an owner to take utmost care of it.

But, apparently, this particular XJ-220, which was found somewhere in the Qatari desert by Crank and Piston’s Mick Bramley, wasn’t given the special care and attention it so deserved.

Talk about heartbreaking.

Photo credit to Mick Bramley

Source: CrankandPiston


I really don’t get who the hell left that car in the dessert! Is there still a nameplate for this car? I think the police should investigate on this one it might be used in a unusual activity or something.

How lucky is that guy that have found this car! It actually worth more than a half million dollar! Heck! It’s not really a vintage car but a old version. I think it will be look good when clean up.

In my part its painful to look at this baby being dumped somewhere on the unknown desert! I hurt my eyes!

Well, there are no further investigation on this one. We could only give our speculations..

hmm.. Does anyone thought of the chances that this car maybe somewhat related to criminals? That’s why it was abandoned nowhere on the dessert? Isn’t it possible?hehe

Whoever is that person may he rest in peace! BTW, have anyone think that who’s that mysterious person that owns that?

huh?XJ-220 ? Oh no! Whose that stupid person who done that! Many of dream to have one of this then just someone throw away that rare edition!

Well, they could locate the owner, bargain for it’s price, restore it and then ride it. I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be difficult to restore but it doesn’t seem to have any damage on it. Could it be that it only passed some kind of sandstorm? It looks like it only had some sand in it.

I think so, or maybe he just carnapped and leave it on the sand and get it buried.

It seems to me that it got stucked in the the sand and the owner left it and forget about it.

Good thing that someone found a treasure! A little car wash, engine tune up, paint restoration and it will come back to life again. So what year it was built?

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