Abarth in talks with KTM to produce special edition X-Bow

In the auto industry, the phrase ‘never say never’ rings true like Sunday morning gospel. Even if the whole situation seems unlikely, it still doesn’t mean that slim chances won’t ever happen.

Take this reported new partnership for example. Whispers are getting louder in the auto circles of a potential project that would involve two brands joining forces: Fiat’s in-house tuning firm, Abarth and the Austrian brand KTM .

From what we’ve heard, the reported tie-up between the two companies will center on a particular car that will be released in 2013. No details were mentioned on what kind of car it actually is, but it was mentioned that it could be something along the likes of an Audi-powered mid-engined two-seater that uses a rolling chassis, similar to what is found in the current X-Bow . Abarth is reportedly also working on putting in a new 1.8-liter version of Fiat’s MultiAir turbocharged petrol engine that’s capable of producing power in excess of 200 horsepower. The Italian tuning house is likewise expected to add some new features, including a unique bodyshell that will be built around the X-Bow’s current carbon fiber monocoque platform. This would make it, at the very least, a little more user-friendly and usable as a standard road car.

The expected price tag on the car is somewhere around £42,000 – £50,000 ($67,000 - $75,000) and it could hit the streets as soon as 2013.

Source: Auto Express


It’s not a ROC edition until it comes with body/suspension damage from when Courtyard smashed it up smiley

That’s about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. If I had one, I think I’d feel compelled to say "Auto bots, transform and roll out" every time I sat in it.

What? The "special edition" X-Bow makes less power than the base X-Bow? Not to mention the top of the line X-Bow.

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