Acura official launches their "Avengers" sports car

Now that we have seen the official images of the Acura NSX Coupe , everyone is expecting a roadster version for the sports car. This will surely happen in the near future considering Acura has already filed a patent for a roadster’s design, but until the production NSX Roadster shows up in 2014, we get another opportunity to take a gander at its design.

Acura has just officially unveiled the one-off NSX model that will be driven by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in the new "Avengers" movie. This new sports car is a $9million project , and this is the first official image of the concept!

The concept is powered by a palladium-powered 80,000 TOHC 32-valve engine with titanium-forged block and nitrous fuel-injection system combined with a 9-Speed HYPER-Shift transmission. There aren’t any details on the engine’s output, but the concept can achieve 234 mpg in city traffic and 302 mpg on the highway. Now that’s efficiency!

The exterior of the concept shows off an underbody kit with an aero-dynamic spoiler lip and black-night painted-wheels with particle matter technology. Since this is a superhero movie car, it was also equipped with plenty of defensive systems like advanced radar-deflecting capabilities with wave modifier, a bullet and foreign element-proof clear coat, and metal skin and bulletproof hyper-traction tires.

"Acura is developing an impressive second chapter as the official vehicle of the cutting-edge S.H.I.E.L.D. organization, enabling us to reinforce Acura’s brand philosophy of innovation and advancement, and leverage excitement for the new ILX , RDX and NSX supercar concept product news announced earlier this year," said Susie Rossick, Acura Brand Manager.


Acura must provide numerous units of this Avengers car. Since it was popularized by the movie “Avengers”.

The Avenger movie was a success. Therefore, Acura NSX has the same. NSX is one of the admired projects in this generation. Having extra-features in this vehicle, it’ll be a major breakthrough in thorough engineering of sports car.

I’m pretty sure you’d be enthralled by the fact that this is an Avengers car, and because of its own performance capability.

So this is the official Avengers car? Yes, honestly, it looks a lot better than those other wannabes.

It’s really worth the customization because just like the Avengers, it actually looks sleek and powerful!

This is 75% better than what I’ve seen before. Appallingly, its price seems to hike up as much too.

The fact that they’ve made it convertible added more aggressiveness and sleekness to its appearance. What’s looking most innovative are its fascia and wheels.

Oh, it’s really pricey. I can see the most resemblance to Ironman! I hope this is as sturdy and sleek as the superhero!

It’s an awesome movie car! Anyone can feel a real superhero when you ride this car. And maybe, they will earn more than just $9 million by the time they release on the market.

This is such a great car; I am amazed with its bullet proof, metal skin and bulletproof hyper-traction tires.

Prepare to be blown away as you drive this car! You will surely feel excitement as you drive this powerful innovation. I’m really liking its transmission too.

As expected from a featured car, it looks beyond presentable! I’d totally watch out for this too in the Avengers.

I like this better than what they’ve previously presented. It looks more innovative and competitive to me.

Ah, the visualization keeps changing! It doesn’t matter anyway; I bet it will be greatly innovative, its style, I mean. For now, I’m loving the stated details of its performance.

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