Acura working on X6 competitor?

The BMW X6 is a car that is hard for us to wrap our minds around. Combining the agility of an SUV with the interior space of a sports sedan isn’t something we’ve been begging for around the office. But that hasn’t stoped Acura from trying its hand at an impersonator. This spy image from the rear seems to show the the box-like dumpy back end of this Acura is a farce to throw off a much more sloped design.

Rumor is that Acura is working on a new V8, that will also power the new Crossover/SAV. We still have no information on the name. As Acura already has MDX, then this one might me called MSX.

Source: GlobalMotors


Acura impersonating BMW? How about BMW impersonating Infiniti.

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