Adam Carolla's 'The Car Show' set to debut on July 13

You can say what you want about Adam Carolla - and there have been a lot of unflattering remarks about the controversial comedian and television personality - but one thing you can’t take away is the fact that the man knows his cars.

So even if the man is as polarizing a minor celebrity as you’ll ever meet, there’s still a great deal of interest within the auto circle surrounding his latest venture, the new TV car show called, well, "The Car Show". It’s a different take on the wide world of automobiles and something that offers a fresh perspective from Top Gear , straight from the minds and mouths of Carolla and his two co-hosts, Matt Farah, and Pulitzer Prize-winning Wall Street Journal auto journalist Dan Neil. It seems rather fitting for Carolla to be comparing his latest venture with Top Gear USA considering the comedian was one of the original hosts of Top Gear before it was dropped from NBC and picked up by the History Channel . They say when one door closes, another one opens. Guess "The Car Show" was behind door number two.

So, if you find Top Gear USA a little on the blah-side, then we strongly encourage to check out The Car Show. It debuts on Speed on July 13, which is about three weeks away.


This show has garnered a lot of speculations. I hope this show will be a successful one. Let’s all watch its primetime telecast.

Yeah, I would agree that his style of comedy would give an interesting flavor to that show of his. Too bad that it wasn’t used as much in Top Gear.

I am surely into this one. I bet Adam Carolla can give an exciting twist for giving a criticism on cars while blowing his comedian style moves. Its gonna be a cool show after all.

From what I know, he was not really booted out, more like he didn’t accept the offer when the show moved to History Channel. Anyway, he’s doing another car show, so that would really be interesting.

I am just wondering, why was Carolla taken off Top Gear USA anyway? He was really doing a great job there and had good rapport with Foust and the other hosts.

Well, I probably wouldn’t agree with you when it comes to Carolla’s humor, but he is definitely one guy to watch. And it’s a bonus that he knows a lot about cars too.

Well, let’s just see how Carolla would actually be able to pull this one of. But one thing that I am sure to be watching our for in this one is his knack for over the top comedy.

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