Alfa Romeo 4C might get Abarth and Maserati variants

While everyone is waiting for the Alfa Romeo 4C GTA to debut in production form and find its way over to the US, other variations may currently be in the pipeline as well. New reports suggest that the 4C concept will not only preview a two-seater model for Abarth and Alfa , but will also come in some other derivatives, including a Maserati model.

The 4C GTA concept is powered by a "4 cylinder" 1750 Turbo Petrol engine located centrally in the rear of the vehicle and mated to a new automatic "Alfa TCT" twin dry clutch transmission. With a total output of 200 HP, the engine will sprint the concept from 0 to 60 mph in just 5 seconds, while top speed goes up to 155 mph. However, we anticipate that the Maserati variant will be both more powerful and sportier, but we’ll have to wait until about 2013 or 2014 to see it in action.

Source: Autoblog ES


Well, comparing to other brand 200 mph is a high performing car but I think that figure is not that competitive! I want to see a higher top speed.

Hmm. It seems that they need to acquire first the regulation of US market before they could actually bring their model in the USA.

A car from Alfa Romeo, Abarth and Maserati? That’s kinda’ weird but it’s a sure hit for all. The design is quitegood but based on its performance, I don’t see anything cool.

Hmm, it looks like they are doing it the way Toyota did with the FT-86 model. Can’t really say if that is a good or bad idea, but I do want to see how both Abarth and Maserati do this one.

Well mow, that one was quite an interesting move coming out from Alfa Romeo. I wonder how they will be able to handle coming out with three different versions of the same car.

hmm. don’t think that this production would be good since there are a lot of car production that has more powerful engine than this. The horsepower and top speed is awesome.

And what’s the reason behind collaborating of Maserati on this car manufacturer?
Does it mean Ferrari will do the same? And why does small car company has to do in this production?

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