Alfa Romeo MiTo: RIAR special Happy Birthday edition

Alfa Romeo really likes its fan club. RIAR (Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo) is celebrating its 46th anniversary, and Alfa has created a special edition MiTo to celebrate this. It will be limited to only 46 units, surprise.

This special edition features 15 more hp, which means the 1.4-liter turbo diesel engne now develops 170 hp. The car will also feature the production number and RIAR member’s name engraved on a silver plate on the shift tunnel.

Alfa Romeo MiTo: RIAR special Happy Birthday edition

You can have the car in any color as long as its black (two shades: Black Cattivo or Black Etna). To go with the black paint, the little hatchback gets matching headlight and rear-light rims as well as a rear roof spoler. This MiTo gets 17" dark forged rims, identical to those sported by the 8C Competizione . There is even a black (or red) leather interior. If equipted correctly, the only spot of color on the car can be the red brake calipers.

The price is €20,000. This translates to about $26,000 at current rates, but that doesn’t matter much. Not only does Alfa not import the MiTo to the U.S., but this special edition is for RIAR members only.

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