Alfa Romeo returns to the U.S. with an invasion of new models

Alfa Romeo is making a comeback to the US market. No news there, we know, but the actual news is that at a presentation in Italy today, Fiat CEO, Sergio Marchionne confirmed Alfa Romeo’s return for 2012. The return will be well-rounded with five different models.

The line-up will include a midsize SUV and a sedan and wagon both called the Giulia. This Giulia is slated to replace the current 159 sedan and is based on a longer and wider platform. The SUV will be based on a Chrysler product, possibly the Dodge Journey or the new Jeep Grand Cherokee , and will go toe to toe with the BMW X3.

In 2013, Alfa Romeo will also bring a new four-door MiTo hatchback (yuck) and a new Spider set to take on models like the Audi TT . Next on the list will be a new Giulietta, surprisingly, in 2014. After Richard Gadeselli, vice president of communications for Fiat Group Automobiles SpA, announced that the Giulietta would not be coming to the U.S ., we were hopeful, but not sure if we would ever see it here. Lo and behold, here it comes. Also in 2014, we will see a larger SUV which will rival the BMW X5 and the Audi Q7 .

Quite a lot to take in, so we’ll make sure we provide specific details on each individual car when they arrive.

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The longer and wider platform was the car suit in the Chinese market then how come they are bringing this car in the US market? Well, I have to say that I’m impressed with the engine performance of the car as well as its look.

Wow! The speed performance of the car is quite impressive! It seems that the Alfa Romeo have passed the regulation of the US market! I would love to see a boost power for this car.

I find the MiTo hatchback kind of a good production vehicle though its not that sporty. Well, I guess the Guilietta haven’t passed the US regulation. The competitor of this car is quite an impressive production.

I wonder if the above image was the official photo of this newer version. The styling in the front is quite bloat loaded and those tyres look so cheap. I wonder on what happened to its production.

The Giulietta would be a good car! The aggressive look and impressive engine is a selling key for sure in the US market! And I bet everyone is waiting for this production.

Yay! The car in the above photo looks so old! There few good production by the Alfa Romeo that have an impressive power and look as well. I think Zagato would be a good model to be tested in US market.

Alfa walked away from the U.S. market in 1995 as quality plummeted and sales dwindled. The cost of setting up the new plant could be offset by the savings.
Alfa would make if it didn’t have to import cars but then there’s fears of quality control that also has to come into play

Once again delayed for the returned of its Alfa Romeo brand to the US market because of the deteriorating economic conditions in North America. So i guess Paul Lienert is right, it’s not the right time to launch a line of premium Italian sports cars in North America.

why? Are they had enough of the Beamer, Benz and Bentley? Just Kiddin..

This new Alfa Romeo really both an invasion style and with the hotest structure, I guess this will be easily sold in the market.

What’s so special with Alfa Romeo? The ad choose between BMW or Benz than the AR’s.

well of course they should sell the new ones. they might not make it to the US Market if they sell the old ones.

Glad to finally see a great European car come here. Maybe other car companies will see how successful Alfa will be and bring their European cars here (looking at you, Ford).

This is good news from Alfa Romeo. I bet the americans are really craving for the AR cars.

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