Alfa Romeo SUV rendering

Autocar revealed today new rendering of the future Alfa Romeo SUV. Although this front-drive Ford Kuga rival will be based on the future mid-sized 149 sedan , the rendering seems to share more in common with Alfa’s current mid-sized 147 .

Rumors are circulating that this SUV will be one of the cars Alfa Romeo will be brining to the U.S. in 2010. Right now, the only car that has been confirmed for the U.S. is the 8C Competizione . Unless Alfa is planing on bringing its full line of cars or selling cars at more than just Maserati dealerships, the smallish SUV may be leave too big of a gap in Alfa’s line up to be the 8C’s stable mate.

Other rumors on the horizon for Alfa include possibly being in “super-secret” talks with Jaguar to source a rear-wheel drive platform for a bigger Alfa luxury sedan.

Source: AutoCar

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