Alfa Romeo to unveil 4C concept at Pebble Beach

Alfa Romeo will celebrate its celebrate its centenary this year at the Pebble Beach with the unveiling of the 4C concept, a compact, lightweight sports car. A production version will be limited to 5000 units. The price will be in the $70k area.

The 4C concept will be powered by a highly tuned, 250-hp four-cylinder engine mated to a rear transaxle as in the 8C.

Stay tuned for more details!


Based on the looks of the car, it shows aggressiveness, but I think the car is some kind of expensive. The unveiling of this car will not be a productive one of that is the case. 

I like the front part of this cool car. Looks very different from the other model’s. A great body like that is a must have.

70 grand for a 250 horsepower engine? Wouldn’t that be too much? Even if it will have a known expensive emblem like Alfa Romeo? Aren’t cars supposed to be cheaper when an automaker is celebrating something? It’s kinda like the “thanks” that they give out to the people who have made them reach that long in the game. Errr, o well. Guess that is life.

well it looks promising, and worth to wait. but honestly i can’t wait for it’s review.

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