Alfa Romo Vittorio Jano Concept

Alfa Romeo has already announced plans to unveil a replacement for the 159 sedan, but it will take a few more years until we see the final product. Until then, the Italian studio MPcardesign has unveiled a new concept study that is believed to be a preview version for the future model.

The concept is calledAlfa Romeo Vittorio Jano and was named after the famous racing car designer Vittorio Jano (1891-1965). Its design takes a different direction than the latest Alfa Romeo models which tend to take their cues from the 8C Competizione . Instead, this design is modeled more after the Alfa Romeo 156 and 159 sedans. This is evident in the front-end modeled around the V-shaped badge and the convex surfaces.

The Vittorio Jano was created taking into consideration the actual feasibility, and was designed for a large series production. It will be followed by other virtual models from the same designer which will range from a compact sporty coupe to a sport wagon and a supercar concept.


Not bad though! I guess its the grille that makes the car looks odd.

what the heck! how in the world you say awful to a sports car like this? dude it’s grilles does look amazing and aggressive, you should know how to choose a great car dude.

To me it looks like Alfa’s interpretation of Audi’s last year Good wood monument idea, a line connecting an old successful model with an actual one.

At first look, Alfa Romeo’s front looks like a design from Infinity

Imo, it looks like a re-vamped and stylized version of the Mazda RX-8... Good try...

This preview version of Vittorio Jano looks more stylish and sporty compare to 159 sedan. I can’t wait to see the future reviews to know the capability of this Italian car!

Imo, it looks like a re-vamped and stylized version of the Mazda RX-8... Good try..

I like that new concept, its more gorgeous than the previous Alfa Romeo. Good job on that concept, pretty impressive!

impressive body trim and design, but the front vent and delta grill looks awful,

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