Alpina-tuned BMW Z8 gets rear-ended by a Dodge Stratus

Run down a list of every car BMW has ever produced and chances are, you’re going to find the BMW Z8 somewhere in the Top 5. So it brings us absolutely no joy in reporting about this Alpina-tuned BMW Z8 getting rear ended by – of all cars – a Dodge Stratus.

There’s no looking on the bright side as far as this car crash is concerned. The BMW Z8 just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. As is the case with most car crashes, there needs to be someone to take the fall and while we have no information as to why the driver of the Stratus rear-ended the Z8, we can’t help but feel sorry for the owner of the BMW supercar.

It’s one thing to wreck a standard BMW. But a Z8 Roadster? That’s an absolute injustice.

Source: Jalopnik


Well,the soft rooftop is for the convertible. However, I just wonder on what will be the speed performance of this z8 roadster?

At the first glance, it doesn’t look like a typical BMW car. I wonder what does a long nose on the bonnet and a soft rooftop doing in this car? Well, it seems that Alpina is not working closely in this car company anyway..

In an effort to keep pace with the competition, the new 7 Series will also be offered with more-powerful V8 engines.

I’m certain the Z8 owner had insurance. The real tragedy are those wheels. ????

Dodge Stratus is one hell of a car. It’s chassis is very hard and surely it will crash the alpina’s rear. Good thing that alpina didn’t damage that much.

I feel very sad about what happened to that car. This was a very sad scenario.

In every angle the dodge is the one who’s responsible for the accident. Good thing that the accident wasn’t that bad.

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