An honest politician

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Though Fox News may not seem to be the spot that the automotive enthusiast goes for the latest information about cars, it did come up with a common-sense approach to car buying in its current news.
Seems that the newly-elected mayor of Kansas City, Missouri has accepted a free Honda – provided gratis by a local dealer. This turns out to be legal under state law. Nonetheless the nattering nabobs of negativism are criticizing his honor for taking the car.
To which the mayor has an answer:
“It is a nice new car. The new mayor is not mentally challenged. Somebody offers you a brand new car, you take it."
That may not be exactly politically correct, but somehow it makes sense.
Anyway, they have no grounds to complain. The mayor is being quite reasonable. In Gemany, they sell an Accord called the “Limousine.” 
He just got a Honda.


Why do they give Politicians free cars they have money this guy can afford any car they should not give him a free car Lucky BS.

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