Another Enzo crash

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Think to this combinatiion : a Rusian driver in a Italian car driving in a French town.

The driver of the supercar was Russian born billionaire Suleyman Kerimov, a political member of the Russian state of Duma and was listed as number 72 on Forbes’ World’s Richest People List. Kerimov built up his wealth in buying shares of Russian banks, oil companies and even his own airline at one point.He was under suspicion as his assets appear to have been financed by significant debts about which no public disclosure has been made.
The car is a black Ferrari Enzo, added to a growing list of Enzo crashes. In the past three months many have occured: a fatal Enzo crash just last month in California, another involving an accident in Utah as well as a crash in South Korea and the drag race crash involving Swedish fraudster Stefan Eriksson.
The French city of Nice was the place.The car was traveling at high speeds, skidded off the road and hit a tree before igniting. Both the driver and his passenger are said to be seriously injured, Kerimov has been hospitalised in critical condition at Marseille’s major burns center and a female passenger in the car was also injured.
This crash has a positive side, especially for Enzo’s owners.Considering that on each day another Enzo crash, the price of the remaining exemplares should go up.

Another Enzo crash


The Enzo seems to be getting quite the dangerous rep. I mean it seems like every single crash has been reported on the news. Current Enzo owners should do their best to not become a statistic.

dammmmmmmmmmmmmmm that looks really bad did any one get hart im sorry tha tit happen

Wow that must really well notr 4 the russians but its wasting hard craftsmen ship of the dealer thats bad really bad

i just want to line those guys up and run over them with a bulldozer for crashing Enzo(s).

Trust me, I’ve seen Mustangs split in half too. At that speed
a Ferrari is not the only car breaking in half Pal.

I certainly hope the last comment was intended to be a joke. The car is designed to break apart to dissipate energy on impact. Notice that in this, and the Erickson crash, the car split at the bulkhead and the monocoque is still in tact. If he was driving that "safer" Mustang they surely would have died, as the car would have folded around the tree and trapped (or crushed) them in the drivers compartment. The car is extremely capable...... in capable hands.

why are these cars spliting in half someone didnt build these things right so i wouldnt buy one but i would buy a mustang and customize it with motor stuff and its safer

russain drivers

hell no
when you have an enzo
thats like a million dollars goin down the road
they should teach people to drive them properly before they sell them to some rich guy with to much money
it hurts to see that car like that!!!!!!!

gimme one of these cars I know how to take care of it

a very bright boy for a very strong tree

that ’s way to crazy! buying an enzo is not a joke.. probably he just want to tell the people that he’s still rich enough to buy a new one again and crash it again elswer to brag his richness..

the driver was crazy i dont think it was worth it to destroy that car just to have fun drinving fast

mi sa che la Enzo non tiene bene la strada...

If he wanted to impress the lady he did a good job.

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