Another Enzo crashed...

Source: Daily Mail

When you drive a supercar, and more, when you drive a million dollar supercar, your worries on the road are bigger than anyone else. And when you get hit by a bus… when then you get really angry. This is what happened in UK, where a businessman driving his Enzo was hit by a bus that was being driven too fast when it rounded a bend on the wrong side of the road and collided with his car. The Enzo driver’s sues the bus company for more than £300,000.

No one was hurt in the crash, but the crash cost more than £300,000 in repairs and related expenses, including compensation for loss of earnings.

The businessman was in the passenger seat and he was being driven to a race track by Ferrari dealer Paul Train. After the accident he declared: "As a consequence of the collision the airbags inflated and the Ferrari filled with smoke and dust, rendering the driver unable to see and causing the Ferrari to collide with the VW Golf."

Even if the bus driver insist that the accident wasn’t his fault, his wife is furious: “You couldn’t have been in an accident with anything cheap could you?” she said.

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