Another guy posting his topspeed getting hunt down by the police

Source: The Sun

A member of the www.vx220.org.uk Forums decided to brag about his top speed and posted a few images with him driving at 150 mph. The problem is that his post has been seen by The Sun who decided to catch him. The guy made a huge mistake and in just few hours he was caught by The Sun: he left his phone number on the forum and revealed the vehicle’s registration number.

Anthony Coyne, 27 was driving his Vauxhall VX220 sports car and his passenger took a picture of the Speedo needle hovering above 150mph. Another was taken through the car windscreen, showing the motorway ahead.

When posting the photos he also revealed that he is taking his new car to Paris. And how there is only one motorway he would use from his South East London home, The Sun identified the exact spot on the M20 near Harrietsham in Kent.

The police said: "Drivers who commit offences will be dealt with. We are grateful to The Sun."

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