Another Tata Nano goes up in flames

For $2,000 a pop, the Tata Nano city car is about as affordable as any production car you can find on the planet. And given its relatively cheap price tag, nobody will ever mistake the Nano for one of the fastest and sturdiest cars out there.

These days, the Nano has been on-fire in the news lately, and we mean that literally. After three separate incidents were reported last year of a Nano going up in flames, we now bring you episode number four.

According to an Indian news report, this Nano inexplicably burst into flames for no apparent reason. The owner of the car, insurance agent Satish Sawant and his chauffeur – don’t ask us why a Nano needs a chauffer – escaped the incident without any injuries, although they were as dumbfounded as the rest of us as to how the Nano – a car that was only recently purchased – caught fire just like that.

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Source: Mathrubhumi

"I have no idea what happened. A motorcycle rider overtook me and told me that the vehicle was on fire. The engine was behind me and I did not realize that the car was on fire," Sawant told reporters.

The good thing from this incident is that both owner and driver managed to get out of the car before it barbecue’d to the ground. The bad thing is that these Nano-on-fire incidences are steadily increasing and if Tata doesn’t figure out a way to fix this problem, they may have a Toyota-sized problem on their hands.


How in the world will a small car like this will burn suddenly? does it contain Nitro? or is it fueled by a high octane fuel?

Allegations and sensationalism have become the norm of any existence. Core motto is to just disrupt every belief, play with emotions and create ruckus. This incident is yet another creation of the nasty game of corporate upmanship and vested interest. Trust to come out with innovative assumptions and ideas to rake in publicity and disrupt NANO’s smooth run. Disgusting!

Some Competitors are just spreading fabricated, false and malicious information attempting to tarnish the image reputed corporate. Such falsehood could damage India’s reputation as an investor friendly country.

It is really sad and unfortunate Nano is dragged into this needless controversy with utter disregard to propriety and whether all this is believable. Among the multiple roles played by media, the most important one is to enable readers make intelligent choices. Some is just making an attempt to tarnish the image of Tata who have created one of the largest conglomerates

Its is extremely saddening that even after contributing so much to really make India shine on a global platform, back home, it is the easiest to blame Tata’s capabilities for everything that is wrong.

Well, it could have been that the owner just failed to maintain the engine properly, but, if it is on large numbers, there could be other problems and I do hope that they actually figure it out before it gets someone hurt or burnt.

Guys an insurance agent? hmmm. fishy

Remember Toyota?
Turned out to be the drivers fault.

Remember Ford?
Largest car recall in history.

Still awaiting the prognosis of an actual “flame bursting” incident.

Lets not jump the gun here.

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