Another Toyota Prius accelerates out of control, crashes into a stone wall

We barely had time to do some follow-up checks regarding the runaway Toyota Prius in San Diego a couple of days when reports began circulating that another Prius – this time from the other side of the country in New York – figured in another unintended acceleration, only this time, the 56-year old driver didn’t have the assistance of the California Highway Patrol so she ended up crashing into a stone wall.

Fortunately, the incident happened just outside her home when after pulling out of her driveway, the car began to accelerate across the street straight into the awaiting wall. According to reports, the lady was lucky enough to escape the crash without any major injuries, but we all know that it could’ve been much worse.

That’s precisely why these defects with Toyota vehicles is getting way too out of hand and if the Japanese company doesn’t do anything about it soon – they don’t have a fix for the ‘entrapped’ accelerator pedals – there’s a chance that this may not be the last time we’re going to report a crash of this nature in the future.

We may have an obligation to report incidents of this nature, but - for the sake of those involved in these accidents - we prefer to not do it this often.


Heck!I’m starting to curse the Toyota products! They been recalling for their defective parts! No wonder in the future if they are going to close their company. Now, I’m starting to think that there car are all unreliable.

That’s what you get from Toyota brand-headaches! She is lucky for not getting into a more fatal accident. Toyota needs to fix this DEFECTIVE accelerator pedal!

Oh crap another innocent driver takes his foot on the graveyard because of toyota.

Toyota can’t go bankrupt; the phrase "too big to fail" truly does apply to them. What people don’t realize is that cars make up only about 30% of Toyota’s business. They build houses, industrial equipment, marine technology and a multitude of other things depending upon the market.

That’s a bad news for you guys. Just continue the bad publicity and sooner or later there’s a bankruptcy that will take place, I hope nothing near that happen.

well toyota should take the responsibilities of this accidents.

@ deleete - well i think your right, it’s all about the driver’s sometimes.

They really should do something about it. I mean how many crashes do we still need to see before we all realize that Toyota made a crap technology with their cars that can endanger the lives of the driver and his passengers. Lucky for the both incident that no one was hurt or worse, killed. I don’t think that I would be buying or even suggest any car from the once favorite of mine, Toyota. I guess the dream of having my own Rav4 is now finished, maybe another SUV from another automaker is the best choice. It is really disappointing as a Toyota fan. I mean they have earned millions with all the cars they have sold, why in the world can’t they spend a decent amount of money and time to research and test the technology that they create?

It’s stupid!! I just love hearing how these 98hp cars have become so uncontrollable all of a sudden when they have been out for years!! I guess there is no such thing as driver error anymore in a Toyota car now that media has blown this up beyond proportion!!

What do you mean they need to act fast? They sent a letter to the owners of the affected vehicles last November and have been responding to this as well as a manufacturer could respond. Everybody just makes a bigger deal out of this than they should because they’re surprised that it’s Toyota of all companies who’s having this recall.

dang so much for toyota accidents, honestly IMO toyota is already out of control of the situation. they need to act fast.

The lamest part is that people with completely unaffected Toyotas are claiming these problems. Owners of cars one or even two model generations ago are complaining of this problem just to get attention.

This is starting to get ridiculous. But we haven’t heard the whole story yet. Accelerated unintentionally after leaving her driveway? I wonder what’s next....accelerating while in park? Manual transmission Yaris’ accelerating up to 100mph?

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