Apple CEO Steve Jobs reveals new iPhone 4; contest to win a Nissan Leaf comes with it

Apple CEO Steve Jobs finally revealed the newiPhone 4 today and while the rest of the world is already fawning over the new Apple gizmo, we in the auto industry had our curiousities picqued when in the middle of his presentation, Jobs also revealed a new ad for the 2011 Nissan Leaf .

Regrettably, the ad can only be viewed using the new iPhone 4, which, of course, we still don’t have. In the event that you’re picking one up in the near future - and by near future, we mean, like, next week - it might be in your best interest to watch the ad and enter the contest to win a 2011 Nissan Leaf Nissan Leaf . Seeing as the field would probably be thin at best, the chances of you going home with Nissan’s electric car increases. And oh, you’re going to be going up against Jobs himself, who saw fit to enter the contest. As if he needs to win one.

Source: Engadget


i hope apple already ordered their number of cars needed for the contest.

I bet everyone will love it.

haha.I guess it’s just a dream to join that contest..You better have a iphone4 first before you can actually join.

Lucky for whoever will win the contest, he will be the first one who drives an E-car in their town.

I bet this historic cars are going to have a large number of bidders. I wonder if jay leno is also interested with it.

Nice contest, all iPhone geeks should join this, and have a chance to get a Nissan Leaf.

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