Arden Wastes no Time in Tuning the All-New Jaguar F-Type

Now that was fast! Unveiled at the 2012 Paris Auto Show, the new Jaguar F-Type has already seen its first upgrade package. It comes from the German tuner Arden and we have to admit, it looks great in that British Racing Green — the international racing color of Britain. Despite our love of this dark green, we have to admit that the standard Firesand paintwork is definitely our favorite.

On the exterior, the only updates the car received us a set of 20-inch Sportline wheels and an optional high-performance braking system. As usual, Arden is focusing most of its attention to what’s under the hood where the updates are a little more thorough.

The best update is that offered for the 5.0-liter V-8 engine, which Arden has tuned to deliver an estimated 550 horsepower — up from the standard 495 horsepower. Arden did announce upgrades for the V-6 engine, but final numbers are still unknown.

There is no price attached top this upgrade kit, but we’ll pass that information on as soon as we receive it.

Source: Autoblog.nl


550 horsepower... quite nice for a Jaguar, am I right?

I must admit that I am not crazy about the front of this car, but it is ok for a classy

I appreciate Jaguar for their good taste when it comes about colors.

black wheels would have been more appropriate, I think.

British Racing Green — the international racing color of Britain... what can I say? An example of good taste.

peasant car that combines classic with modern, in my opinion.

This dark green is fantastic. I never saw something like that.

Adorable car that I, personally, like very much. Very elegant.

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