Ariel Atom Race Series coming to the US in the 2011

A few years ago the Ariel Atom Experience was launched by the very people that brought the Ariel Atom over to the U.S., TMI Autotech. This program gave people the incredible opportunity to drive the open air roadster on the track for a day, but, along with everyone else, the program took a nosedive when the economy bottomed out. Now, after four years, Ariel and TMI have announced that the Ariel Atom Experience (AAE) driving events are coming back to the US for 2011.

The program isn’t as extensive as it used to be with races being held exclusively at the Virginia International Raceway as opposed to the various locations from the previous years. There will be 10 races spanned over five weekends from March through October with amateur racers taking their place inside a newly-built & spec’d Ariel Atom 3. Before each race there will be four 25 minute sessions of practice and qualifying before the drivers take their Atoms through the 20 minute race.

"Virginia International Raceway is absolutely thrilled to host the Ariel Atom Experience beginning in 2011," stated VIR Managing Partner Connie Nyholm. "The new format and price point are sure to be winners with Atom fans and anyone seeking a driving adventure experience. Of course, all drivers and their guests are welcome to stay over at VIR Resort’s Lodge, have dinner at Oak Tree Tavern, go karting, to the Spa, or just watch the racing action all around them."

The first race will be held on June 2011, with the cars making their debut in April. Cost for the event is $495 per person, per event, which is an excellent deal for anyone wanting to try their hand as an Ariel Atom racer.

Source: Atom Club


My dream of driving this one is slim, but at least that right seat copilot... can he use an HD camera to tape the ride?

The second version of Atom is great! Any idea when it will be made street legal? :d

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