Ariel Atom simulator is the ultimate in-house entertainment system

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The popularity of driving simulators has literally increased 10 fold with the ever-changing and advances in technology over the past few years and no, we’re not talking about your generic simulators such as Forza and Gran Turismo . We are actually referring to full-on simulators which offer you the best possible experience you can get this side of actually driving a car.

There are literally dozens of these systems offered in the market, and the vast majority of them simply feature a seat, pedals, steering wheel and a gearstick with a standard flat-screen television. However, if Motion Simulation and the masterminds at Ariel have their way, the face of racing simulators is set to change for the better, and we’re over the moon by the prospect.

In the brand new system offered by the pairing, you get a complete capsule to best replicate the feeling of driving a true sports car, such as the Ariel Atom and features three high-definition projectors offering a screen no less than 2 meters wide and home to seven million pixels. All up, this new system offers an unmatched 180 degree driving experience and can also be used for a variety of other compatible gaming uses.

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The most intriguing thing about this system however, is the fact that it can be used in conjunction with an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 but only a select few games will be supported. And how much does this system set you back, we hear you ask? Well, you better make sure you’re sitting down for this as it’ll set you back $18,600.

Why someone would pay that much for a simulator rather than an actual cheap sports car and drive said sports car around a local track is beyond us, but it’s definitely a nice bit of kit to tell your mates down at the pub about.


I’m so tempted to buy this because I love games with interesting notions.

Definitely, it has the best audio and visual effects for the Ariel Atom.

I hope it has a very good graphics for the best visuals.

I like to experience driving on the driving simulator, where will they put those machines?

For those who dislike it, may we remind you that it is intended for both automotive enthusiasts and savvy techies.

Is it a driving simulator? Wow, that’s great. Where will I find this one?

Just don’t buy it when you’re not a techie.

I wouldn’t be surprised if most of its buyers are kids. Isn’t this perfectly ideal for young car enthusiasts?

I have not tried it yet so I can’t still put my foot down and tell how it is. As far as I know, it’s promising of good graphics though.

I don’t understand why you need to crucially compare this to a real adventure. Well, a cheap race car is totally more ideal if you don’t seek an innovative experience.

You can’t actually compare this with a real-life experience as this is intended for home use only. Automatically, its consumers are the ones who are also enthusiasts of the high-tech stuffs too.

The idea of creating a simulator is really cool. Who needs a test drive if you can do it inside your home?

I’m a practical person, and I’d definitely choose to buy a cheap sports car too. With that, the experience I’d taste would be actually real.

Well, if people are looking for a virtual adventure, they should choose this option. If they are practical, they could easily choose the actual sports car, right?

All I can say is that if people can’t afford it, yeah, I should stick with TopSpeed’s opinion better and buy a cheap sports car instead. If you have the money anyway, then go ahead and indulge yourself with this innovative piece of an entertainment system. It isn’t a secret that everybody loves a taste of advanced technology, except the technophobe, of course.

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