ASMA's Matte Blue Mercedes-Benz CLS55 AMG

Only in Dubai will you find car-owners who dont seem to give an iota as to what their cars would look like to other people for as long it looks like an apple to their eyes.

For the most part, we’ve had to live with such beautiful cars being given one too many facelifts and tuning set-ups. This time, the owner of this Mercedes CLS55 AMG found a little help with tuning house ASMA.

Known for their rather unconventional packages, ASMA has clearly outdone itself this time with this matte blue-finish CLS55 AMG.

Don’t get us wrong; we have an unyielding affinity for anything Mercedes , but if people end up doing something like this - that supersized grille reminds us of an elephant trunk, which isn’t at all flattering when you’re talking about a Merc - we just end up doing the most prudent thing: cringe and turn away.

Check it out at your own risk, fellas.


Benz in Blue matte? well blue colored car is great specially when it’s metallic or glossy but Matte is not that appealing specially to a benz.

dang it looks like a cotton candy to me.. also like what other said it looks like an over kill AMG.

Are they also responsible for the Porsche 997 Carrera Mk2?

What a design! I can’t believe ASMA will create such overkill design.

IMO, It was an eye catching Benz CLS55 however it was an over kill design.

Oh that’s kinda cute, why do you hate it? it looks cool and fun to drive with, I’m pretty sure by standers and passers will never get their eyes of it once they see it passed by so ready your camera phone guys.

that is an example of someone with money & no taste

I agree, gloss blue with blue white stripes is much better than the Matte blue.

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