Aston Martin dwindles down to 10 units of the One-77; Are test drives an option?

Aston Martin knew they had a gem when they put together the One-77 supercar, which is why they limited its production to 77 units. We all know just how quickly fancy cars can get sold out when the waiting public is finally allowed to order them - just ask Ferrari and Lamborghini - but despite previous rumors, the One-77 still has some units left to dole out. As of December 2010, Aston Martin had 17 One-77 models waiting for owners and now that number has dwindled down to 10. It seems as if the supercar started out running, but sales have slowed down due to potential customers wanting to test drive the $1.4 million car before they purchase it. Obviously, Aston Martin does not have a fleet of One-77 test cars available so this will be a difficult task to accomplish.

The British manufacturer may have to think of something and fast if they anticipate selling the remainder of their crazy expensive supercar. They’ve already gone back on the restriction of one One-77 purchase per person when a Middle Easterner ordered ten units last year , so maybe they’ll come up with a plan to satisfy the potential buyers without necessarily putting them in a $1.4 million supercar that they may or may not buy. We just can’t see anything but liability in a move like that.

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I can’t stop staring at this car, its really awesome. The body contour, intricate design and paint job lets loose of the beauty in this car. Let’s not forget the performance, it’s also one to be praised of.

Well, they have finally got one of these selling. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they would be able to sell the other units in a few months time.

hehe. Yeah and aside from its badge. The detailing of this car is simply awesome as well as the paint job. For sure, it will be sold out soon just like the Ferrari FF and Aventadorsmiley 

@webpad11: This car will sell like hotcakes because its a Aston Martin and not because its a supercar.

Well, they did manage to get the One-77 up for sale in Dubai. They will probably be able to get the other units up for sale or be sold until next year.

Well, the British would indeed be a good market to sell the One-77. China too would be a good target, since their economy is also booming and there are more affluent people there now.

I have heard the growing popularity of Aston Martin in the UK market. In my conclusion, most British have bought this car. BTW, i do believe in the reliability of Aston Martin.

Its not that shocking. High performance super car will doubtlessly sold out before its actual debut just like what happened to Ferrari FF and Lamborghini Aventador! If i had a money I will surely buy one!

Yeah, you’re right, they will be able to get buyers for the remaining units soon enough. Especially now that the economy is starting to look good again.

Its just a matter of time, these units will be sold like hotcakes. After all it is a super car.

Oh well, that isn’t really a bother. Aston Martin will surely find a buyer for each of the ten units left. After all, they are supposed to be limited production, so a lot of people would be interested in getting them.

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