Aston Martin is looking for a name for its future open-top DBS

Roadster and Volante - these are the usual names for the open-top models from Aston Martin. But the topless version of the DBS may not follow the same rule.

An Aston Martin spokesman said that the company is still looking for a name suitable for the sports-car and that it "is not sure this will be Roadster or Volante." The company is currently using the Roadster name for convertibles with two-seats and Volante for a four-seats, but the DBS is something a little more special that may deserve it own name.

Well, the company still has a few more months to find a suitable name for their car as the open-top version of the DBS is not coming until next year. Got any ideas?


that sounds good to me 2

I think it should be called the Vulcan; the Aston Martin DBS Vulcan.

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