Aston Martin Rapide gets pinned under a tree

The force of Mother Nature is both unpredictable and devastating. And when you’re caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, well, things like this could happen.

The devastating hailstorm that wreaked havoc in the Midwest damaged a lot of property and injured a lot of people, but what really caught our attention is this Aston Martin Rapide that was sitting in the parking of the Midwestern Automobile Media Association. Unfortunately for the owner of the Rapide, he parked his super car directly in front of a tree, which, as a result of the hailstorm, snapped and fell on its hood. The only redeeming factor in this is that it wasn’t that big of a tree that fell, but either way, the damage is still significant enough to cost a ton of money in repairs.

Source: Jalopnik


Yeah, I was worrying about the insurance since not all company have this natural disaster for the insurance plan. However, if it is not covered, well, I think this car has only small bruises.

Yes its a good thing that no major thing happens in this car expect for the tree above it. And for the insurance let’s hope that natural disaster is covered in the insurance plan.

What’s Aston doing under the tree?

Yes, that’s true, Nature is unpredictable...but the good thing is ... there is a insurance!

I was at the Rally. So sad that it happened. Credit should go to , as he broke the story first.

Awch! I guess this lovely car has now so many scratch on its front, but good thing there were no any damages where found.

That tree wasn’t properly planted on the soil. That’s why the tree was knocked down by the hailstorm.

Well good thing that the windshield is still intact. I hope his insurance is also include with nature disaster policy.

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