Aston Martin to Fit V12 Engine in the Cygnet

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Aston Martin Cygnet

We would have really loved seeing the faces of everyone after reading the title. We certainly wouldn’t blame anyone for being as shocked and dumbfounded as we were when we discovered Aston Martin’s intentions with their city car.

Sources say that Aston Martin has completed studies based on the possibility and feasibility of a V12 engine being fitted to the - wait for it - Cygnet , without extensive modifications. How is it possible? The car is only the size of a shoe with a tiny 1.3 liter 4-cylinder engine that develops 98bhp. Now imagine putting Aston Martin’s very own 6.0L V12 engine that produces at least 510bhp on a car that weighs 988kg. If our calculations are correct, the power to weight ratio of this car will not only put its bigger brothers to dismal shame, but most of the hypercars that we all enjoy drooling at as well. In layman’s terms, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Aston Martin says it will carry out significant upgrades for the Cygnet to handle the immense weight, horsepower, and torque. What kind of upgrades? How about multiple spoilers all over the car just to keep it planted on the ground.

If the project receives a green light from the board, it will enter a new segment called over-powered city cars that also includes the Nissan Juke-R .

That being said, Aston Martin will go ahead with the project only if there is sufficient customer demand. So, people who want to break records or experience crazy, visit your nearest Aston Martin Showroom and inquire about this project.

Do you think this is an upgrade that the Cygnet deserves or does it have disaster written all over? Let us know in the comments.

Source: AutoCar


I would love to see a v12 in this mini cooper looking car. It would be ridiculous.

at least i have to admit that this article brightened my day and even amused me imagining the car making a brake

I think that they will turn this vehicle into a car with one seat: the driver’s seat. the other being occupied by the engine ...

I didn’t thought that this vehicle might be more stupid than it already is. I do not know how this engine could go on a car weighing so little.

Oh God! I’m sure that car will make a
stoppie. In conclusion, I do not know how safe it is. I have no idea what studies they did to be so confident.

I doubt that will fit the engine and all the other accessories ... plus I do not know how safe it will be.

if the engine fits, does not mean that a lot of car space will be wasted?

I love Aston Martin for these bonkers things they do, I think in the end if they do make it though, it’ll be disastrous.

where will fit the engine? I guess in another car behind Cygnet.

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