Asus WX Lamborghini Wireless Mouse

We’ve been running off all these technological products that bear automaker’s trademarks on them – just last week, we introduced the Porsche Lacie P’9220 and P’9230 hard drives – and just in case you already have these items with you, we’d like to introduce you to your next purchase: the Asus WX Lamborghini Wireless Mouse.

This new AAA battery-powered mouse would fit perfectly with the new Asus Automobili Lamborghini VX7 Notebook that was also recently launched back in April. It’s available for only $80, and for that price, you get a mouse that bears the sleek and sporty design cues of Lamborghini supercars, including three choices of a two-tone color scheme – yellow/black, white/black, and all black. There’s also a nano dongle attachment embedded on the mouse that allows it to connect to any USB port with a range of up to 10 meters. This high-frequency response range allows the mouse to work with instant precision without having to resort to any wires or other forms of interference.

According to Asus, the WX Wireless Mouse is a must-have item to include in your computer. “Based on the power and speed so coveted in Lamborghini vehicles, the WX-Lamborghini wireless laser mouse delivers a breathtaking experience in control," the company said.

"This is the ultimate style icon when it comes to mouse input, inspired directly by the powerful, angular shape so known from its motorized namesakes.”

Knowing our love for products that have automotive tie-ups to them, there’s a good chance that we won’t waste time adding a new wireless mouse to our collection.


Now, I am confused. Do they really need to post some things that are far behind what a car section must have? Mouse are for computer, unless you have a desktop on your car.

I don’t think they will create a bike as an extended packages. In my opinion, extended packages means a portable one just like this mouse. A bike is not a portable one but who knows.

Yeah,most probably that will be the next!hehe And maybe after that we could expect more extended merchandise from there already a bike edition released by the Lamborghini?

haha. It seems that the Lamborghini has plan in completing a computer set! They already released a netbook, then a wireless mouse..what’s next? A wireless internet?

This is really an awesome creation for the Lamborghini, that was what I’m talking about, if a manufacturer made a new concept, the other manufacturer will also do that concept. I will not be surprised if cars in the near future will not be using a steering wheel.

Well, almost all car manufacturers are now extending their hands to other products. First, the Ferrari, then the Porsche. And now, the Lamborghini with a cute mouse? haha it’s really funny.

Indeed awesome! I like how this mouse designed! These Asus WX Lamborghini Wireless Mouse is really amazing because it was inspired by the power and speed of Lamborghini vehicles. Great idea to Asus! Thumbs up to them.!

I really don’t get why the car manufacturer keeps on extending their merchandise? I still prefer the optical mouse over this though its branded and high technology. I doubt on how long will this thing will last.

Previously, I have seen the launched of the netbook by Lamborghini and Asus. And I think this is would be a perfect for this wireless mouse. However, I bet this high technology would be come in an expensive price.

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