AT&T introduces Navigation application for the iPhone

Thanks in large part to AT&T, your iPhones are about to become more than just a regular handheld.

The telecommunications giant is set to release the AT&T Navigator application on the iPhone, which would, in effect, provide users their very own GPS system – all from the comforts of their iPhone.

The AT&T Navigator is the fastest and most efficient way you can get to your destinations without spending an inordinate amount of your hard-earned cash on a separate GPS system.

The Navigator also supplies a plethora of different features, which includes searching for the closest coffee shops, ATM machines, Wi-Fi hotspots, and gas stations with the lowest gas prices.

The Navigator is unique for its voice-capable, three-dimensional screen that checks all the turn-by-turn directions and at the same time, automatically updates the vicinity you are in so you can skip out on all the congested areas and get to your destination as fast as possible.

Never before has a navigation system been as cheap and as accessible as the AT&T Navigator. For only $10 a month, you’re guaranteed that you’ll never get lost out on the roads again.

Source: AT&T


yes me too, i will still use the previous version.

I still prefer the app from Navigation that came out earlier in the year...

That’s what I was assuming too. The new Google maps navigation is coming to Android 1.6, I would have thought it would be a matter of time before it his the iPhone.

Well, if I were to get a GPS or whatever kind of navigation system for my traveling, I’d definitely will want to purchase one separate GPS navigation system for the car and one for when I’d be walking or commuting or something. I wouldn’t like the iPhone to be ringing while I’m navigating on the road.

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