Atom-powered Areal Atom inspired by Ariel Atom

We like the play on words and definitely enjoy the inspiration on the Ariel Atom , but we’re a little disappointed that this vehicle won’t be making the production line in the near and far future.

Conceptualized by Singaporean designer Muhamman Imram, this dandy of a futuristic vehicle is called the Areal Atom, a car that’s so technologically advanced way beyond its years it actually is powered by a real atom.
Get it, now? Areal Atom…A-Real Atom.

Inspired by the Ariel Atom, Imram’s piece of work is different from the real-life Atom because of one pretty important detail: The Areal Atom will be powered by a real atom.

According to Imram, the increasing number of countries relying on nuclear power could one day lead to its energy being used in other ways. One scenario Imram thinks could happen is that while electric vehicles may be the increasing trend in the near future, another energy source – nuclear energy – could one day end up revolutionizing the future of the auto industry.

Whether that happens still remains to be seen, but if you look at Imram’s crystal ball to a world where nuclear energy is used for the right reasons, then we can definitely see the auto industry taking the leap to previously unchartered territories.


Did all worked the same? Or they only have same features? I’m a bit confused here.

Ariel Atom? Hmm yes, a unique one but am not really impressed with the design. Maybe, I need someone to discussed with on the details and specifications that made this a unique one.

It doesn’t matter the surface’ area but the force. hence a car has a better transfer of the power to the surface than a motorcycle. So, if we’re talking a 1034 lbs 2wd Ariel, 340 P.S. a smart gear, well chosen tires than yes, it’s possible to beat that BMW.

I do! It’s quite possible. A car also corner better than a bike (we’re talking performance / special prepared / f1 car for instance) Friction is better when the force applied on the surface (the weight) is bigger.

This is a lot of money to spend on what is an obviously compromised car. Alternatives such as the Lotus Elise and Caterham 7 offer a similar experience but add an extra dose of all-weather practicality.

The big difference is, however, it’s powered by real atom. The designer has envisioned this futuristic vehicle while keeping in mind the present scenario wherein the number of countries having access to the nuclear power is increasing.

Good to see a lot of unique concept designs including this one.

cool, but isn’t that atom is also used for making a bomb? isn’t that too dangerous to install in a car like this?

haha..what a ugly looks like a flying saucer or a thing from outer space..the only thing that i like about this car is the wheel..

haha..what a ugly looks like a flying saucer or a thing from outer space..the only thing that i like about this car is the wheel..

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