Audi A3 Plus coming in 2013

Here’s an Audi A3 variation that may finally be coming to the U.S. Audi is rumored to be planning a sedan/coupe version of its next-generation small car currently know internally as the A3 plus.

There are plenty of versions of the Audi A3 that aren’t in the U.S. We only have the five-door version , but there is a three-door , convertible , and super-hot S3 . All of which stay out of hatchback-fearing North America (we also have little hope for the rumored RS3 ). A small four door coupe may just give Audi something that has appeal outside of Europe.

An A3 four door coupe shouldn’t be too much of a shock. Audi is not only planning the sedan/coupe A7 , but it has also generated rumors of an A5 sportback . So Audi going down one more rung of the ladder seems natural, and may also create a new niche in the small car segment.

Source: Autobild

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