Audi A4 with a little Lamborghini touch

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This Audi A4 you see today has also a little Lamborghini in it! But unfortunately this is limited to the alloy wheels and brakes of a Gallardo. The rest of the car is customized with an ABT body kit, with widened wings in order to have an imposing presence but also with 20” alloy wheels.

Audi A4 with a little Lamborghini touch

The car is powered by a 3.0-liter V6 engine which, with the help of the ECU tuning and new exhaust system, is capable to deliver 285hp. At the interior the vehicle features a new multi-media system including a DVD reader, Playstation and radar detector, in a word all the things required for a maniac tuner in order to brake some rules on the streets.


Nice colour, nice wheels. The blue ruins the interior though. But the outside more than makes up for it.

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