Audi A8 prototype can drive like Lotus or Mercedes

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What if you could “tweak” your car electronically to drive like other makes and models? I know I would love to drive a car that drives and feels like a more expensive one.

The engineers at Audi created a new concept car that is definitely original. The A8 can electronically change its driving performance by tacking on additional hydraulics and an active steering system. The steering system includes hardware to steer the rear wheels. This allows the A8 to give the feel of a Lotus Elise, E-Class Mercedes-Benz, VW GTI, or even a Hyundai Getz.


The system is called HOSRT. This stands for Handling Online Research Stimulation Tool. Audi probably won’t be taking this project mainstream, but it could open up doors for future car models.


Finally something against driver boredom ! No more need to switch car to get different driving experience. I am all for it. Will they offer ride height adjustment also so it feels like an SUV or may be they can simply put a LCD screen instead of the windshield and simply make it look like an SUV from the inside smiley

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