Audi and Porsche working together for the Audi R4

Porsche has denied any involvement in developing with Audi’s help a new baby SUV, but according to Car Magazine the two companies joined forces on creating the R4 model and the next generation Boxster/Cayman.

Source: CarMagazine

Audi has big plans for the future: the R10 super coupe, the next generation R8 (and a roadster version), the R6 placed between the 911 and Boxster, and in the end, but not last, the R4 a mid-engined two-seater.

The R4 will be unveiled in 2011 and will come in both coupe and roadster versions. It will be a RWD model fitted with six-cylinder boxer engines.

Porsche will get from Audi its aluminium spaceframe bodies, powerful diesel engines, lightweight low-friction four-wheel drive with torque vectoring and dual-clutch transmissions for almost all torque classes. Audi Audi will get Porsche’s first class engineering base and its peerless financial ability that constantly puts it at the top of the profitability tree.

Car Magazine also reports that the R4 will be powered by a turbocharged version of the 2.5-litre five-cylinder unit used in the TT Clubsport Concept with an output of 350 hp.

But will this association mean that the Audi and Porsche model will look the same? No way! The Boxster/Cayman featuring a rear-wheel drive layout and aluminium doors and roof will be lighter than the R4 coupe and roadster, with associated ride, handling and economy advantages.

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