Audi? BMW? Nope, just a strange 1993 Subaru Impreza WRX found on eBay

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We firmly believe that the vast majority of cars only look good from certain angles, rather than every angle. In a similar vein, we believe that many cars look far better from the front than they do the rear and vice versa. Two of those cars just happen to be many previous generation Audi A4 ’s as well as the recently retired BMW 520 .

Whether you prefer the front of either to the rear, it doesn’t really matter, but what does matter is the question of joining the two best angles of each together to create a superior looking car.

Well, we recently stumbled upon an interesting sale on eBay UK where a used 1993 Subaru Impreza WRX is being sold with an Impreza interior and custom wheels but most importantly, it’s borrowed the rear-end from the BMW 520 and the front fascia from the Audi A4.

The result?

Interestingly enough, the end result is nowhere near as horrible as one may assume. The owner has managed to combine the two ends in such a way that this interesting Impreza actually looks quite impressive.

With 110,124 miles on the clock, the car has received four bids thus far with the highest bid currently being £4,000.00 (at the time of writing). Also included in the package is a “performance exhaust” and “Predator brakes” and the unnamed owner has promised that it’s been “maintained to [a] high standard.”

With just over five days left of the sale, any prospecting buyers better get a hurry-on as this truly is a unique one-off piece of machinery.

Source: eBay UK


I like this better than what they’ve independently presented. It looks more innovative and competitive for me.

I am not surprising that some buying this kind of car because it is deserving of buy this and the lucky one who buy this car can see a perfectionist creation in this.

We believe that many cars look far better from the front than they do the rear and vice versa.

It’s good on picking up speeds. The control is awesome where you can feel the interaction of the engine with you.

It’s motor and auto tyranny are the best with better pick up and shifting. I just hope that its fuel economy was best.

Its combination of Audi and BMW is just amazing. I admire the person who did this car. I envy the lucky buyer.

It’s already sold on eBay right? So who’s the lucky buyer?

So the highest bid is still four-thousand pounds? Are the packages included is available or already sold?

It’s just a perfect combination. I admire its mastermind. He rocks to have that kind of creation. Now, it’s possible to have been custom-made of it.

It’s not strange as you guys stated. In fact, they gave it a perfect combination wherein the two fascias of different models combine to form an excellent creation.

I hope it will get the highest bid.

I checked this one at eBay, and I must say that it’s really my first time to see two great-looking cars combine to form as one with perfection in all of its angle.

This Subaru makes me think of having ideas about combining different fascia of leading automakers. Do you know some software that allows users to create a new concept car?

That car is impressively molded by the front fascia of Audi A4 and rear-end of BMW 520. The owner must be so obsessed in having ultimate car, and I think he is proud on his ultimate creation.

Yeah it’s so strange. It’s just like it was played by Subaru and experimented to have Impreza WRX.

I like it knowing that it has the front fascia of Audi and rear of BMW.

As far as buying/saving on eBay goes:

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