Audi Dynamic Space Frame - Audi of 2015

Audi’s design team has presented at the Los Angeles Design Challenge the Dynamic Space Frame, a design that shows an Audi will probably look in 2015. The result is a car that under a strongly innovative line hides a revolutionary technology, centralized on uses of the electronics currents, altering ride stiffness depending on the road surface.

For the third consecutive year, the Design Challenge has Los Angeles design studios shaping their vision of the future by creating a vehicle that is environmentally aware of its global footprint. Nine participating studios are exploring this new futuristic frontier by imagining a time when all vehicles have technology allowing the public to enjoy the distinctive Southern California lifestyle and unique environment without harming it.

Audi Dynamic Space Frame - Audi of 2015

These multi-purpose, environmentally sustainable design entries are as diverse as the beach, mountains and deserts that represent the geographic diversity of LA. They include such design visions as the vehicle with interchangeable, fully recyclable body coverings, another which runs on pedal power and a vehicle with algae-filled panels that transform harmful CO2 into pure oxygen.

Designers thrive on participating in the Design Challenge because it enables them to explore far-reaching, creative ideas in automotive design without any restrictions on them.

“The environmental theme is very appropriate in creating awareness with consumers on automotive issues that are prevalent today,” says Chuck Pelly, director of Design Los Angeles and partner in The Design Academy, Inc. “We are happy to see that the LA-area studios are using design as the tool to communicate unique and innovative approaches to this challenge.”

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