Audi MTM Bimoto - fastest modified car in the world

A new episode from the annual tuner confrontation took place at the speed track Nardo in Italy. Purpose? To find out who is the fastest modified car in the world. And this years winner id the MTM Audi Bimoto.

Based on the Audi TT, the MTM Bimoto is equipped with two four cylinder turbo-engine. Even the starting performance makes overwhelming driving powers possible. Because of further engine-modifications together is a maximum 1000 HP possible. At Nardo Bimoto hit a top speed of 390.6 km/h or 242.7 mph.

Second place was taken by Sportec’s Porsche 997 SPR1 with a top speed of 378,4 km/h and third place by Porsche 911 997 by TechArt with a top speed of 358,2 km/h.

Final results:

  1. Audi MTM Bimoto: 390.6 km/h
  2. 997 Sportec SPR1: 378.4 km/h
  3. 997 Techart GT Street: 358.2 km/h
  4. Murcielago LP640 Edo Competition: 345.7 km/h
  5. 997 Techart turbo convertible: 344.2 km/h
  6. 9ff CT-78336.3 km/h
  7. Brabus Maybach 57: 330.6 km/h
  8. Mercedes E63sme: 330.5 km/h
  9. Golf R36 HGP 327.6 km/h
  10. Mercedes SL Lorinser Biturbo: 325 km/h



Its official all right. It did 257mph but I read on some other site it can do 270 something.

wasn’t sure on the exact speed of the ultimate aero tt but i know it was wind tunnel tested to be able to handle like 290 mph if they can generate the power.

i just wasn’t sure if the ultimate aero’s record was official either.

The Ultimate Aero TT has an official recorded top speed of 257mph. The modified Viper does 255mph.

Nah, the Veyron’s speed is actually in the Guinneas Book Of Records as the fastest accelerating and decelerating car ever and it did hold the official record of top speed until the others came along. But to say that the latter would be faster really isn’t fair is it? I mean, the afore mentioned does 0to60 in 3.2.

the veyron is the fastest street legal car in the world that is straight from the manufacturer with no aftermarket tuning but that is with an unofficial timing and speed... the koenigsegg ccx has the offical record of the highest top speed of a street legal car that is not tuned with aftermarket parts but the hennesey tuned viper is the fastest street legal car period with a twin turbo garret twin ball turbos... i cant remeber the speed they reached but it was around 260 and it had 1100 bhp

the veyron had 1001 and the koenigsegg has like 800 or 900 something but doesnt weigh hardly anything compared to the viper or veyron.... the koenigsegg would be faster if they didnt have to put the hydrualic system in the front wheels like on the enzo to make it street legal.

the hydraulic system added a good 500lbs to the curb weight of the car

Badest you dumbass, the Veyron is the fasest car ever and you are comparing it to a Viper?

Once again you come up with idiotic comments to suit your arguement.

a modified viper is goin 2 be alot faster cos the quality of the parts made by the aftermarket manufacturers

are u out of ur mind?!!!!!!!!!! the veyron only had 1001 hp an the viper is definetly faster go do your RESEARCH!!! you have no idea wat u r talkin bout

like the viper better tho

no way is the viper faster wat about the bugatti veyron it has 108059 hp

not bad but the 1,000hp viper is faster

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