Audi opens door to possible A1 entry in the US in the future

By now, American fans of the Audi A1 have given up all hope in seeing the premium hatchback in the US after Audi global sales head Peter Schwarzenbauer – try spelling that name – ruled out the A1’s chances of making it to America.

Now, it turns out that there may be a glimmer of hope, albeit a pretty small one. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Schwarzenbauer mentioned that the A1 will eventually be shipped out of Europe into the Chinese market soon with the US market being considered so long as small - and expensive - cars have a chance in the country. Translated, Americans will have to prove to these guys that they’re willing to spend the bucks for a premium hatchback, something that, as history suggests, Americans aren’t prone to doing.

But still, there’s hope, fellas. However long that will take will be entirely up to how the “pricey” compact car segment does in the US. We don’t even know if that’s going to happen in the next few years, but at least the door – no matter how small the crack is – has now been opened.

Source: Bloomberg


This is a good start for Audi. I hope it can really be open now in the US market. By the way, I can say that the car has an impressive performance and I also like the aggressiveness of the car.

I wonder if they need to change the detailing of the car in order to meet the standard of US market? Well, I agree that this car has an impressive performance.

Well, this car has a great look and performance, no wonder why the Americans want to try this car! Its just too bad that again they are the last one to experience the awesomeness of this car!

hatchback, it’s custom body kits are very rare to see, plus they paired the lovely car to
a lovely set of rims. but IMO it looks similar to VW Golf GTI.

the Audi A1 gets a special JMS Coil over kit that lowers the car 50mm on the front and 40mm on the back. Design is great! Very muscular and contains more angle.

I like the idea of having an A1 entry for my beloved car brand.

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