Audi Q6 targets the new BMW X6

With the new BMW X6 launched, it was normal to start thinking about an Audi competitor for it. According to Infomotori, it will be called Q6 (or at least this is what the magazine suppose) and will borrow the design cues from the newly-launched Audi A5.

The Q6 will be placed between the future Q5 and the current Q7 and will be a sporty, elegant and powerful SUV.

Source: Infomotori


no no no gues uudi edoesnt look like BMW they are way diferent

audi a.k.a the number one bmw copycat!

looks like

looks disgusting

I really like the exterior styling on the BMW X6. I hope Audi can pull off some great styling of their own and yet still differentiate it from the BMW.

excellent! audi has cheaper price tags than bmw with better features.

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