Audi Quattro coming back in 2012

Everybody’s favorite Group B contender, the Audi Sport Quattro, could be making a comeback in four ringed showrooms as early as 2012. The Audi Quattro Audi Quattro , also known as the Ur-Quattro was a milestone of automotive engineering. When others said that 4 wheel drive was too heavy to be competitive Audi laughed. Mating their now infamous quattro all wheel drive system to a turbocharged 5 cylinder engine made them a force to be reckoned with from the European FIA rally stages to the American Pikes Peak Hill Climb, the Quattro dominated them all. So it is no wonder that the Volkswagen brand will bring back the championship winning name.

Audi Quattro coming back in 2012

The new Quattro will be based on the A5 chasis and include a 425 HP turbocharged V6, an R8 inspired front end and thanks to Audi’s aluminum construction the vehicle should weigh in at less than 3000 pounds. Priced at around €70,000 (almost $90,000) the new iteration of the classic Audi is sure to become a collector’s item.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Group B car, or just want to see it in action again, check out the videos after the jump.

Source: Autobild


With this new Quattro taking the center stage in 2012 I think the king has returned to reclaimed its niche in the Group B car. I love this car and I can’t wait for 2012.

If this new Quattro will use the A5 platform, except the weight differential, it means its more like a an A5. The classic will surely be a collectors item. This 2012 Quattro is surely a new face in the group B.

I can’t wait and see the new Quattro. But yes they are right. I love the Ur Quattro but I can’t also help myself to see what kind of Quattro will be coming soon in the race track.

That is right you can’t call next quattro with Ur Quattro anymore besides the platform that it will use will be of Audi 5.

Just a comment: I want the original audi sport quattro. That’s a period. Also, its a complete oxymoron to call it the "new" ur-quattro. Ur means original in German, which a new one cannot ever be original at all. But maybe a bi-turbo engine for the quattro is something to look forward.

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