Audi R4 - new rendering

First rumors said it will be called R4 , then possibly the R3 ; but either way it looks like it will have a future. Here is a new rendering of Audi’s plans for a smaller roadster to go under the R8 .

The future R4 (or R3) will replace the current generation TT and will compete with the next-generation Porsche Cayman set to be launched in 2013. It will be offered in both coupe and roadster versions.

The Audi R4 will be built off an all-new mid-engine platform and will be a strict two-seater. The R4 will be powered by a series of engines, but the top of them will likely be a V6 engine delivering around 280-300hp.

Source: Channel4


The engines ( 280-300hp from a V6 ) shows that the car will be a hit when it comes, just like its bigger version (R8 )

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