Audi R8 convertible coming in 2010

With all the excitement over the V10 Audi R8 , we almost forgot abut the convertible version . Last time we checked in with the droptop supercar it was scheduled to be in European showrooms by the end of the year, and there was still debate on wether it would be a full convertible or a targa roof. Now we have some clarity.

For starters, North America was always going to have to wait until 2010 for the first R8 roadsters, but now it appears even Europe will have to wait until next year. The combination of strong international demand, and the need to space out the introduction of the V10 and the topless R8 has pushed everyone into 2010.

Also the R8 will be a full convertible. An Audi representative told Inside Line that Audi USA rallied hard for a full convertible because it was likely to have more appeal on our shores.

Source: Inside Line


I dont mind targas but if there was a plave to store the top inside the car than that would be ok

I was really hoping for the targa, the R8 just has the right body lines for it.

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