Audi R8 for soccer fans

We guess that there’s no doubt which team this Audi R8 owner has been rooting for during the FIFA World Cup. And even if the Oracle of Oberhausen (an octopus by the way) predicted that Spain will win the Cup and Spain has already beaten Germany in the semifinals, this guy seems to be keeping his fanaticism rooted in Germany. The car even displays 2010 as a winning year for Germany along with their previous wins in 1954, 1974, and 1990. This guy has to live with his incorrect assumptions until his next trip to the shop!

However, leaving that aside, you have to admit the car looks quite impressive! The black, red, and yellow combination look quite good and the black rims complete the package in a sleek, finished way! Passion is a strange thing; it can lead to some pretty unique and cool designs.

Thanks to reader "common sense" for correcting our FIFA finalists!

Source: Autogespot


Hey Soccer Fans out there, I know you are all happy with the new Audi R8. I can see it in your eyes. So, let’s check it out and have fun watching your favorite sports.

Whoa, too patriotic.. well it’s nice on how he show his support for his country.

Nice idea, they should also make more flag styles like Argentina!. smiley

Thank God! About time the pioneers of dsg in production cars add said tech to their halo car.

agree, you have some taste dude.. R8 looks amazing with that livery..

I agree, the livery looks great with the R8.

I agree, this car has an aggressive looks due to it’s triple paint combination.

Actually it makes me special since non Americans are a minority here on this web site. If that wasn’t the truth, we wouldn’t be hearing so much about Lexus stuff.

No problem smiley. What a sweet looking car

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