Audi releases new A8 teaser video

Days before the world premier of the new Audi A8 at the Audi Pavilion in Miami, the boys from Ingolstadt released a short teaser video of the new flagship luxury sedan.

It looks like Audi is really pushing hard to create an artsy spin on the new A8, even going as far as giving us a rather, ‘artistic’ teaser of the new A8. Not much of the car is shown, but it does make you wonder as to what the unveiling is going to be like on November 30.

As far as we’re concerned, we have a gut feeling that it’s going to be something we’ve never seen before. But that’s just us.

Source: Carscoop


Some part of the teaser reminds me of the hypnotic-theme commercial of BMW. However, in totality this teaser video really convinced me on why should I wait for the debut of this car.

This car was held as the World Car of the Year according to Geneva Motor Show and I cannot figure out why. There are a lot high speed performing car that was already out in the market. I don’t think that the engine performance of this car is competitive

The Audi design is gorgeous. And most of the comments says something, i think they are complaining. Audi got it right with their models like A4, TT, R8 and Q series. Its like buying a pair of expensive shoes...once you have chosen the good style, now it’s time to test if that one fit for you.

A fine teaser and really acknowledge Audi on that note where the lines there did hooked me by telling us, "we did it all, our efforts are there, our minds combined just to work it out".

It’s a good teaser video, it left me craving for more.

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