Audi releases online configurator for the 2011 A8

Audi A8

Online configurators are a good way to burn some time on an otherwise boring and idle day at work. You can probably figure out how much we enjoy playing around with these configurators because when stories are dry, we spend a lot of time tinkering around with our would-be cars, fine-tuning them to our own personal liking. We rarely make a purchase on any of these cars, but these configurators are still a fun way to dream about what our cars would look like if we had the money to make a purchase.

To that, we’re thankful for Audi for releasing a new online configurator; this time, it’s for the new Audi A8 . In this configurator, you can set up your virtual A8 with a pair of engine options, a number of interior and exterior stylings, a choice of tires, and a number of different packages that cater to specific needs and preferences of the customer.

We invite you to play around with the configurator if you’ve got nothing else to do. If for nothing else, it’s a good way to run your imaginations and construct your ideal A8 to cater to your every whim.

Source: Audi


Audi has no choice but to start low. There’s a lot more competition this year. Jaguar XJ and Hyundai Equus (which I know is gonna be huge for the limo companies) are just two.

Well, due to the fact that it is online, we can have access on to that anytime.

Are there any link leading to the configurator page?

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