Audi RS4 comes to an end?!

Source: Autocar

There is song that says something like this: "why do all the good things come to an end?" Really now, why? I think the RS4 sedan is the best thing ever happened to Audi. So, why in the world do they want to end it?! But they will: the RS4 will be soon out of production. They must have something really good in their hands if they come with such a decision!

Powered by a 414 hp V8 engine, the RS4 is a real success all over the world. Reason why in the summer of 2006 the company added another two versions in the line-up: the RS4 avant and convertible.

The RS4 will be replaced by the RS6, a sedan that is already in advanced testing. Powered by a turbocharged 5.0-litre V10, the RS6 will be unveiled in September at Frankfurt Motor Show.


Hang on a second. How can Audi REPLACE the A4-based RS4 with the A6-based RS6? The RS4 competes directly with the M3 and the last RS6 competed directly with the M5. So what is Audi trying to pull? Not a good move at all.

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