Audi RS4 will go on after all

Source: WindingRoad

Oups! A few days ago, AutoCar reported that the RS4’s production will come to an end. And as a result you could see all over the internet the same news. After all it was something quite big. But as big it was, as untrue it was. Our mistake! But this is the powered of media!

According to WindingRoad, this was all exaggerated. They also say that Patrick Hespen, Audi’s Media Relations and Motorsport Specialist told them: "Chris Bokich, my new boss and former A3/A4/A5/RS4 product manager for the US says this is completely untrue. There will be a full build of the 2008 model year RS4 sedan, and production is still continuing. We have stated before that the RS 4 will have a 2-yr model run, 2008 being that second year."

Well we forget about this! So, there won’t be a RS4 starting 2009. After all it was a bit strange to say that Audi will replace the RS4 with the RS6 (can’t replace an M3 competitor with an M5 competitor).


For the love of all things good and gracious! I think they purposely put this false news out there (I mean, Autocar is one of the most credible automotive sources in the world) just to hype the new RS6.

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