Audi S3's power incresead to 400 hp

Wimmer Rennsporttechnik is increasing the horse power for the new Audi S3 up to 408 hp. Also the maximum torque is incresed from 258 lbs-ft to 398 lbs-ft.

In order to increse the output, the electronics part of the engine, the injection and some engine parts have been modified.

The price for the kit is $36000.


There is also a uk upgrade for the Audi S3 it come’s in 3 stages Stage 1 to 3 Stage 1 give you a standard remap round about £500 and that give’s you (300 BHP) and (310 Torque) then there is stage 2 this upgrade give’s you 45 BHP over stage 1 and 40ftlb of torque and that’s about £2000. Then you go 2 the best stage of them all stage 3 i have had this upgrade done on my Audi S3. you get over 400BHP mine is kicking out 475BHP and the 0-60 in under 4 seconds and top speed is about 200 mph you do get your car back the same day and that is £5000 all parts in. this is very good. just visit and see.

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