Audi S4 by TurboArt

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German tuners TurboArt have successfuly generated in excess of 700 hp from the Audi S4 . The cars mass has been lowered to 1,513 kilograms (about 3330 lbs.) That’s about a 540 lbs. weight savings.

In order to get the power to the ground the TurboArt Audi S4 uses a Bilstein suspension, BBS CH rims and Dunlop SportMaxx GT rubber. Safety in the TurboArt Audi S4 is highlighted by a roll cage and Recaro race buckets. During the evaluation at the Papenburg race track the TurboArt Audi S4 recorded a 0 to 300 km/h (186 mph) sprint in 26.94 seconds.

Unfortunately the engine modifications necesary to produce such power is a guarded secret of the gentlemen at TurboArt.

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